Vermont Campus Thanksgiving

Student Cultural Exchange's VT Campus Thanksgiving program is specifically designed for international students who prefer to relax with friends over the Thanksgiving holiday and take part in minimal structured activities. 

Many SCE Thanksgiving and School break programs are designed to immerse international students in the culture and activities of popular US cities.  However, we fully recognize that some students simply want to relax with friends, catch up on homework and spend time recouping from a busy school schedule over their school break.  

The Vermont Campus Thanksgiving Program is designed with the consideration of price and relaxation for international students studying at US boarding schools in mind.

Some students simply want a lower cost option that allows them the ability to relax with friends in a  safe, fun, comfortable environment over school breaks.   

2018 Program Information

November 17-25, 2018


*start and end dates flexible due to varying school breaks


The Vermont Campus Thanksgiving Program is located at the School for International Training (SIT) campus in Brattleboro, VT.

The SIT campus is a beautiful campus with modern, academic settings.  Based in the hills of Southern, VT, the SIT campus boasts modern dining room and classroom space, library, cafe and other facilities for our programs participants to use during the course of the program.

The SIT serves as a perfect location for our Vermont Campus Thanksgiving Program participants to relax and spend time with friends over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Shopping and activities

While the Vermont Campus Thanksgiving program is specifically designed to provide minimal activities, SCE does plan at least 1 activity for program participants.   A sample of these activities include movie trips, local shopping trips, ice skating trips, restaurants visits, etc.

sample itinerary

Day 1

On the first, day of the program, program participants are picked up in Boston and driven to the SIT campus in Southern, VT.  Following a welcome dinner and orientation meeting the students are free to watch movies, play video games etc.

Day 2

Following Breakfast (students can sleep through breakfast if they wish) the group heads to a local shopping center for a morning of shopping).  Returning home after lunch the group has free time before dinner and a group movie shown on a  projector on campus. 

Day 3

The group has a free time until lunch.  Following lunch the group takes part in afternoon ice skating at a local rink before heading back to the SIT campus for dinner and a nighttime 

Day 4

The group has free time until lunch.  Following lunch, the group again heads to a local shopping center for an afternoon of shopping.  The group heads to restaurants of their choice for dinner before heading back to the SIT campus.

Day 5

The group heads to downtown Brattleboro following breakfast.  After lunch the group watches movies and relaxes before dinner.  After dinner the group heads to a local bowling alley.

Day 6 – Thanksgiving!! 

Thanksgiving Day!  The group enjoys a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and time relaxing and watching movies as a group.

Day 7

The group heads to local shopping outlets for Black Friday shopping.

Day 8

After free time in the morning the group has lunch before ice staking in the afternoon.  After dinner the group heads to a local movie theater.

Day 9

Departure day! Students are driven back to Boston or their respective schools at the conclusion of the program.


what is a typical day like?

The Vermont Campus Thanksgiving Program is designed to provide program participants with ample time to relax in a comfortable, safe setting when their dorms close down for the Thanksgiving holiday. To that end, minimal activities are planned each day. Program participants might have a free morning to relax, spend time on the internet and hang out with friends. A local activity might take place in the afternoon (such as a movie trip, skating, shopping, bowling or an activity such as that) then the nighttime is spent either relaxing or watching movies as a group.

What is Included in the Tuition?

Program tuition includes transportation to the SIT campus from Boston (students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Boston), activity fee's, breakfast and lunch each day as well as guide fee's.

What is not included in the tuition?

Not included in the tuition price is dinner each day, extra snacks and souvenirs.

What are the meals like?

Meals at the VT Campus program are great! Breakfast is served on campus and includes traditional breakfast items (it should be noted that the program also has a well stocked "snack" room for students that wake up too late and wish to make their own breakfast etc. Lunch is catered by local restaurants. For dinner, program participants are free to order delivery from local restaurants or travel to local restaurants for group dinners. (it should be noted again that breakfast and lunch is included in the program price but students are responsible for paying for their own dinners)

How do participants get to and from the Program location??

Student Cultural Exchange provides pick up and drop off in Boston, MA. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to Boston (whether by flight, train, bus, school drop-off, etc) and Student Cultural Exchange staff members will then pick them up and bring them to the SIT campus in Brattleboro VT. At the conclusion of the program, SCE staff members will drop students off in Boston for the return trip back to their schools.

What do the participants do at night?

At night program participants take part in activities (movie trips, bowling etc) or simply relax with friends.

What are leisure activities?

Leisure activities include shopping trips, bowling, movies, skating trips etc.



  • Shopping trips to local malls and stores

  • Bowling trips

  • time to relax and work on homework assignments for school

  • Academic, comfortable campus with libary, cafe and great food options!

  • Ice skating trips

  • Group movie showings

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