school break programs

Student Cultural Exchange’s immersion based programs are designed to fill a critical void in the overall education of international students studying in the United States.  SCE programs provide a structured, fun and inspiring setting for international students to truly immerse themselves in the culture, volunteer projects and activities of the American landscape.


                                       boston thanksgiving 

boston frog pond.jpg

The Student Cultural Exchange flagship program is based in Boston, Massachusetts – a city with a rich history, an incubator of technological startups, and home to many cultural treasures.


                                            florida thanksgiving 

The Student Cultural Exchange Florida Exploration program gives international students a one of a kind opportunity to explore the Orlando area, visit world famous amusement parks and make friends with students from other US boarding schools. Travelers will take part in college visits, shopping trips, volunteer opportunities, nature hikes and wildlife viewing as well as having the opportunity to make friends with international students from other US boarding schools!



                                        washington dc thanksgiving


Student Cultural Exchange's Washington DC Thanksgiving Exploration Break Program is a unique opportunity for international high school to get to know the US capital over the break.  




Thanksgiving Online courses 

SCE Thanksgiving Online Test prep programs allow students to take part in online test prep courses (SAT and TOEFL) while traveling on SCE programs or with family, friends or on home-stays.  Students participants learn in small groups with top test prep instructors.


             new england college tour

Student Cultural Exchange’s college tours are a great way to see the differences between various colleges and universities in the United States. On all college tours, students participate in admissions seminars, tour campuses and get a chance to speak with current college students. All tours also include sightseeing and other fun local activities.