We strongly believe that amazing, life-changing travel opportunities should be made available to young people, regardless of financial means.  To this end, we are extremely proud of our ability to offer scholarship opportunities to deserving travelers. Beyond making our trips financially possible for student who would otherwise be unable to afford them, the diversity that results from our scholarship awards greatly add to group dynamics.

Our scholarships are not simply awarded as “hand-outs”.  Instead, we work closely with scholarship recipients after the program ends to help pack back their scholarship award.  Paying back the award does not mean paying back the balance of the trip cost, instead we ask scholarship recipients to work with us and our non-profit partners to help raise money and awareness for volunteer based projects.  This “repayment” helps to continue the learning process and keeps our travelers further involved in the inspiring, meaningful projects.

In order to apply for scholarship opportunities please click on the following link to download our scholarship application form.  If you have any questions on scholarships or the scholarship application process or if you wish to donate to our scholarship fund, please contact us.