SAT intensive program

Student Cultural Exchange SAT Intensive Program is designed to provide international students the opportunity to study with expert SAT instructors over the Thanksgiving Break.

Each day of the program, participants receive 6 hours of small-group instructions from expert SAT prep instructors with years of experience helping international students significantly raise their scores on the SAT exam.  

Thanksgiving break provides international students time away from homework, busy school schedule etc.  This time aways from the rigors of school provide international students with the perfect opportunity to focus on improving their SAT scores by working with top SAT tutors.

2018 Program Information

November 17-25, 2018


*start and end dates flexible due to varying school breaks


sat prep instruction

Student Cultural Exchange has partnered with Chyten Test Prep for the SAT instruction.  For over 30 years, Chyten has served as a leader in SAT test prep instruction.

With expert SAT instructors and years of proven experience in helping students raise their scores, Chystan instructors work in small groups to help students focus on areas of specific need for international test takers.  Reading, Writing and Essay sections of the test are focused on as these are the areas of need for most international test takers. 

Chytan Test Prep has designed targeted curriculum designed for international learners to help raise their scores on trouble areas of the SAT test.  In addition to curriculum designed specifically to focus on the reading, writing and essay sections of the SAT, the curriculum and small group lessons help student understand test taking strategies and best practices to help raise scores.


Located in Brattleboro, Vermont the School for International Training campus serves as a perfect location for our SAT Intensive Thanksgiving Program.

The School for International Training campus is located in the heart of New England (which makes transportation to the campus easier for the majority of program participants).

The academic campus boasts comfortable dorm rooms, lounge rooms, library, cafe, dining hall etc.  The location and campus are perfect for program participants to focus on SAT courses and unwind and relax in time away from their studies.

Please find a link to the SIT campus below to learn more about the SIT campus as a whole.


In time away from SAT test prep classes, program participants are able to unwind and enjoy the holiday by taking part in leisure activities and local shopping trips.  

These activities are designed to allow program participants time to relax and enjoy the vacation when not immersed in SAT prep classes or SAT assignments.

It should be noted that the activities are scheduled around SAT prep classes and in no way interrupt the test prep schedule.

A sample of these activities include movies trips, mall-shopping trips, restaurant visits and bowling trips.

sample itinerary

Day 1

Upon arriving at the SIT campus students are checked into their dorm rooms and given a welcome tour of campus.   Following a welcome dinner the group watches a movie before heading to bed and preparing for the first full day of the program.

Day 2

Following breakfast,program participants takes a full-length practice SAT test.  The test gives students practice with the test but also helps our expert instructors gauge where students are stand and areas of focus for the test prep over the following week.  

After lunch, the group takes part in the first 3 hour SAT prep session.  

After dinner the group works on SAT prep assignments and relaxes for the following day.

Day 3

After breakfast the group takes part in the morning SAT group classes.  After a break for lunch the group takes part in the afternoon SAT group class.  Following dinner the group heads to a  local movie theater.

Day 4

Following breakfast, the group again takes part in the morning SAT group class.  After lunch the group takes part in the afternoon SAT group class.  

Following dinner, program participants work on SAT homework assignments and have time to relax.

Day 5

Following breakfast, the group again takes part in the morning SAT group class.  After lunch the group takes a break from SAT prep classes to travel to a local mall for shopping and dinner.

Day 6 – Thanksgiving!! 

Thanksgiving Day!  Program participants relax and eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Day 7

Following breakfast, the group again takes part in the morning SAT group class.  After lunch the group takes part in the afternoon SAT group class.  

Following dinner, program participants work on SAT homework assignments and have time to relax.

Day 8

On the final full day of the program, the group takes part in a final morning group class before lunch.  Following lunch, the group members all take a final, full length practice test.  Results from the test will be sent to students following the program.

On the last night the group takes part in a farewell dinner.

Day 9

SCE staff members help students travel back to Boston and/or their respective schools.


what is a typical day like?

Each day program participants take part in a 3 hour SAT group class each morning from 9-12. After a break for lunch and downtime, the group reconvenes for an afternoon group class from 2-5. Program participants eat dinner then either take part in fun activities or work on SAT assignments for the next day and relax with friends.

What is included in the tuition?

The program tuition includes lodging, all activity costs (including park entrance fees), breakfast and lunch each day, all transportation within Florida and guide fees. Not included are transportation to and from the program, select dinners, snack and souvenirs.

What is not-Included in the Tuition?

Not included in the tuition price is dinner each day, extra snacks and souvenirs.

What are meals like?

The food served to the participants on the SAT Intensive Test Prep program is awesome! SCE works with local restaurants to have meals catered on the SIT campus. For breakfast and snacks, SCE has an entire room in the SIT dining hall stoked Participants have pizza, Chinese food, American cuisine etc all delivered for lunch. For break The idea behind the

How do participants get to and from the Program location?

Student Cultural Exchange provides pick up and drop off in Boston, MA. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to Boston (whether by flight, train, bus, school drop-off, etc) and Student Cultural Exchange staff members will then pick them up and bring them to the SIT campus in Brattleboro VT. At the conclusion of the program, SCE staff members will drop students off in Boston for the return trip back to their schools.

What do participants do at night?

At night program participants take part in activities (like movie trips, etc), work on SAT assignments/extra work for the next day or simply relax with friends.

What are leisure activities?

In time away from SAT Prep Classes, program participants take part in leisure activities that include shopping trips, movies, bowling and other fun, local activities.



  • 30 hours of expert sat instruction over the course of the program

  • Small Group classes

  • SAT Prep Curriculum specifically designed for international test takers

  • Personalized attention from sat instructors

  • Movie and arcade Academic campus setting

  • fun leisure activities in time away from sat prep classes