The safety of our travelers is always our primary objective from the planning and design of programs to the implementation and completion of our adventures. Student Cultural Exchange’s varied program themes and locations all provide different risks and potential hazards. Our international programs – in Costa Rica – involve a variety of exciting activities such as surfing, sea-kayaking, hiking and horseback riding. Our domestic travel programming in major cities such as Boston and Washington D.C bring a new and distinct set of risks.

Understanding and preparing for such risks is the cornerstone of our comprehensive safety policies. It is impossible to guarantee complete safety when undertaking all the activities in which our travelers participate, but being aware of the associated risks and planning accordingly to minimize these risks is paramount to our safety policies. Student Cultural Exchange’s unblemished safety record speaks to the premium we place on the safety of every traveler in every program we operate.

At Student Cultural Exchange we take great pride in being not merely tourists or visitors, but genuine members of the communities in which our programs are based. This equates to a knowledge of risks and potential dangers that could be known only to members of these inspiring communities. Being surrounded by community members who care for our groups and watch out for them at each step is an added bonus of our close relationships within the communities we operate our trips from.

In addition to close community ties and an intimate knowledge of our program locations, our well-trained and caring guides act as vital component of our well-rounded safety policies.  Small group size and guides who become close friends with travelers means that our guides are acutely aware of any issues that our travelers might be experiencing whether emotional or physical.  Being aware and prepared for any situation are the cornerstone pieces of our comprehensive safety policies.