Listed below please find common questions concerning Student Cultural Exchange programs, our mission and our company as a whole. To view a list of program specific questions, please click on the program links at the top of the page. After reading through these FAQ’s, if you still have questions or would like to speak further with one of our staff members, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Who participates in SCE programs?

Students with a real desire to not just see the world, but to be a part of it.

What is the student/instructor ratio?

All SCE programs have a student-to-instructor ratio of 6 to 1 or less. The close bonds that are formed between our guides and student travelers is without a doubt one of the most special, unique aspects of each program. Our guides act as passionate and caring leaders, friends and role models. By keeping the ratio between guides and students low we ensure that these close relationships are formed.

What happens if a student gets sick or injured?

The safety of our travelers is always the number one priority of each of our unique programs. To this end we have comprehensive policies in place concerning care of sick or injured travelers and contact with parents and teachers. Preparing for injuries and sickness helps us provide the safest experience possible for our travelers.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are most definitely available. We believe strongly that inspiring travel experiences should be available to willing students, regardless of financial status. For more information on receiving a scholarship or donating to help fund a scholarship please click here.

Can I be connected with past travelers or parents of past travelers?

We fully recognize the desire of our potential travelers to gain a perspective on our trips from someone who has taken part in the programs. If you would like to speak with an SCE alumni or parent of an SCE alumni, please contact us.

Should I be nervous if I don’t know anyone before the program starts?

Not at all. While many of our travelers choose to join programs with friends, many travelers also join the programs without knowing anyone prior to the program. Sharing the amazing experiences of our programs ensures that you will quickly become friends with other trip participants.

Can you cater to specific dietary restrictions?

We are able to accommodate nearly all dietary restrictions on all programs. When applying, please contact us and let us know about any dietary restrictions you might have so that we can plan accordingly.

How does SCE choose volunteer projects?

Our groups take part in volunteer projects that make a meaningful difference in the communities in which our programs operate. To truly become a part of an inspiring community and work to selflessly help the people, environment and culture of these communities that give so much of themselves to our groups is without question one of the most rewarding aspects of each of our programs.

Why are SCE itineraries designed to be intentionally flexible?

We work tirelessly before the trip begins to plan a program that will make each moment of our travelers experience as special as possible. However, we fully recognize that travel isn’t always about the plan, but instead, taking advantage of amazing opportunities that sometimes arise by simply being a part of amazing communities. Opportunities and experiences arise that simply cannot be known before the trip begins.

How do I prepare for my SCE program?

After being accepted in your SCE program we will be in touch with the travel information as well as a program welcome packet. The welcome packet contains specific information on the program, packing lists, a necessary form to return to our office, etc. The packet is designed to help you in your preparation for the trip. Our program guides will also be in touch prior to the trip to introduce themselves and help with any program questions you might have!

How do I apply?

It’s easy. Please visit the apply page on this website and follow the simple steps to apply for the program of your choice. If anytime during the application process you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!